Table 36Summary of studies reporting on outcomes by primary clinical context and subtopic

Primary Clinical Context and SubdomainNumber of Studies by Outcomes
KnowledgeBehaviorSatisfactionHealth OutcomesHealth care utilizationTotal*
Health promotion and disease prevention
 Health promotion and disease prevention: pediatric immunizationsNoneNoneNone3None3
 Health promotion and disease prevention: health promotion – Latina healthNone1NoneNone12
 Health promotion and disease prevention: disease prevention25None116
Injury prevention
 Injury prevention: home safetyNone2NoneNoneNone2
 Injury prevention: workplace safetyNone1NoneNoneNone1
Maternal and child health
 Maternal and child health: prenatal care and perinatal outcomesNoneNoneNone516
 Maternal and child health: child developmentNoneNoneNone4None4
 Maternal and child health: environment conducive to child well-beingNone3None7None10
Cancer screening
 Cancer screening (overall)22NoneNoneNone2
 Cancer screening: breast self-examinationNone5NoneNoneNone5
 Cancer screening: Pap smearsNoneNoneNoneNone66
 Cancer screening: mammographyNoneNoneNoneNone1111
 Cancer screening: clinical breast examinationNoneNoneNoneNone44
 Cancer screening: colorectal cancer screeningNoneNoneNoneNone22
Chronic disease management
 Chronic disease management: diabetes mellitus12None4None4
 Chronic disease management: hypertensionNoneNoneNone314
 Chronic disease management: infectious diseasesNoneNoneNoneNone11
 Chronic disease management: back painNoneNoneNone1None1
 Chronic disease management: mental healthNoneNone1111
 Chronic disease management: asthmaNone2None222

Total may be less than sum of cells because of overlapping studies.

From: 4, Discussion

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