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Can you explain the different types of Linkouts available in dbSNP?

Currently, there are two kinds of LinkOuts available on the dbSNP site:

  • NCBI LinkOut: is established when a submitter contacts the NCBI LinkOut group and provides them with links back to the submitter. For example, Applied Biosystems has provided many links between dbSNP refSNPs and Applied Biosystems probes using NCBI LINKOUTs. This particular example shows a single linkout, but one SNP can have multiple linkouts.
  • dbSNP Linkout: is established when a submitter provides a contact URL in their submission that provides additional information about the submitted SNP. A submitter may only submit a single linkout_url per submission. This url goes to the submitter's primary website, and if the submitter has additional links for the ss, they can be accessed there.


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