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Automating the Submission Process

We trying to automate data submission to dbSNP and was wondering if we can get the return email after submission in another format such as xml?

dbSNP doesn’t have an automated dbSNP submission or report, because each submission scenario is different and requires manual review and editing. When a user sends a test submission to dbSNP, we'll manually review it and provide the user with suggestions and corrections. We will repeat this trial process until everything is correct. Once the submission is correct, if the user has an automated means of submitting the final submission, there should be no problem. (8/3/05)

Does NCBI have any scripts for file format validation that will check for proper formatting, required fields, etc?

We do not have a script that will do what you requested. All file format validation is completed while loading to dbSNP.


Do you have a submission format similar to Sequin that I can follow to complete a submission step by step?

Sorry, dbSNP does not have a submission tool like Sequin. We will try to develop an online submission tool in the future.

We have built some software for submitting SNPs and would like to test it before submitting a large batch. Can we submit a minimal, but actual, set of data to you for this purpose?

You can submit us a small test submission and we will check it for you. (10/18/05)

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