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How do I find my variations after submission, but before rs number assignment?

I submitted a batch of variations a while ago and got the ss numbers for the variations, but I’m unable to find them when I search the dbSNP website.

Follow the steps below to see your submitted variations:


Go to the dbSNP home page and locate the “Submission Information” section.


Locate the link “By Submitter” in the “Submitter Information” section — it is the first selection — and click on it. You will go to the “Search/View Submitter Detail” page.


Type your Handle into the empty text box on the page, make sure the radio buttons for “Submitter Handle” and “Starts With” are selected, and click the “Search” button. For this example, I will use the Handle “KWOK”.


Once you press “Search” in the previous step, the “Search/View Submitter Detail” page will refresh to include a list of handles.


Click on your handle (in this example, KWOK), which will take you to the SNP Submitter Contact Detail page, which will have a list of the batches you submitted.


Click on the blue link for the Batch ID you are interested in to see your data. For this example I selected KWOK’s Assay link, 10.23.98, and was sent to the “View Submission Batch” page for this batch, where you can see all the data submitted in this batch. (04/13/08)

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