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Error Messages in refSNP Cluster Reports

When I click on the Handle|submitter IDlink in the Submitter Records section of the refSNP cluster reports for rs11547853, rs1048597, and rs1048598, I get error messages.

Thanks for letting us know about the problem. We don't have control over the external links maintained by the submitter, but we will look into a having an automated system to check for broken links and remove them.

To find the submitter information for the rs numbers you are having trouble finding, try the following:


Go to the dbSNP home page and find the section: Search by IDs on All Assemblies.


Insert your rs numbers in the text box (make sure the text box to the left reads: Reference Cluster ID (rs#)),and push the search button.


Once you see the cluster report, go to the submitter records section and instead of clicking on the Handle|Submitter ID link, click on the ss number in the column "NCBI Assay ID", which is just to the left of the handle link you are interested in.


The submitted SNP detail report will appear. Go to the submitter section (located in the upper left corner of the page), and click on the handle link (located in the first field of the submitter section). (08/08/07)

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