TABLE 11.1Summary of Fiber Properties

SyntheticsPLANatural Fiber
Fibers PropertyNylon 6PETAcrylicsPLARayonCottonSilkWool
Specific gravity1.141.391.181.251.521.521.341.31
Tenacity (g/d)
Moisture regain (%)4.10.2-0.41.0-2.00.4-0.6117.51014-18
Elastic recovery (5% strain)8965509332525269
FlammabilityMediumHigh smokeMediumLow smokeBurnsBurnsBurnsBurns slowly
UV resistancePoorFairExcellentExcellentPoorFair-poorFair-poorFair
Wicking (L-W slope; higher slope, more wicking)0.7-0.8 (no finish)6.3-7.5 (no finish) 19-26 (with finish)

NOTE: g/d=grams per denier; L-W=Lucas-Washburn Equations; PET=poly(ethyleneterphalate).

From: 11, Commodity Polymers from Renewable Resources: Polylactic Acid

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