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#1Care coord, Disease Mx, etc.Disease Management [mh] OR Patient Care Planning [mh] OR Patient-Centered Care [mh] OR Primary Health Care [mh] OR Progressive Patient Care [mh] OR Critical Pathways [mh] OR Delivery of Health Care, Integrated [mh] OR Health Services Accessibility [mh] OR Managed Care Programs [mh] OR Product Line Management [mh] OR Patient Care Team [mh] OR Patient-Centered Care [mh] OR Behavior Control [mh] OR Counseling [mh] OR Health Promotion [mh] OR Patient Compliance [mh] OR After-Hours Care [mh] OR ((coordination [ti] OR coordinated [ti] OR Multifactorial [ti] OR Multi-factorial [ti] OR Multicomponent [ti] OR Multi-component [ti] OR multidisciplinary [ti] OR multi-disciplinary [ti] OR interdisciplinary [ti] OR inter-disciplinary [ti] OR integrated [ti] OR community-based [ti] OR organized [ti]) AND (care [ti] OR approach [ti] OR intervention [ti] OR strategy [ti] OR strategies [ti] OR management [ti] OR managing [ti] OR center* [ti] OR clinic* [ti])) OR Organization and Administration [mh]683,000
#2TQM, CQITotal Quality Management [mh] OR Quality control [mh] OR TQM [ti] OR CQI [ti] OR (quality [ti] AND (continuous [ti] OR total [ti]) AND (management [ti] OR improvement [ti]))28,087
#3CME, educ outreachEducation, Continuing [mh] OR (Education [ti] AND Continuing [ti] AND (medical [ti] OR professional* [ti] OR nursing [ti] OR physician* [ti] OR nurse* [ti])) OR (outreach [ti] AND (visit*[ti] OR educational [ti]) OR (academic [ti] AND detailing [ti]))35,276
#4Diffusion of Innovation [mh] OR (Diffusion [ti] AND (Innovation [ti] OR technology [ti]))4,889
#5Audit, feedback financial incentiveMedical audit [mh] OR ((Audit [ti] OR feedback [ti] OR compliance [ti] OR adherence [ti] OR training [ti]) AND (improvement* [ti] OR improving [ti] OR improves [ti] OR improve [ti] OR guideline* [ti] OR practice* [ti] OR medical [ti] OR provider* [ti] OR physician* [ti] OR nurse* [ti] OR clinician* [ti] OR practice guidelines [mh] OR academic [ti] OR visit* [ti])) OR Reminder Systems [mh] OR Reminder* [ti] OR ((financial [ti] OR economic [ti] OR physician* [ti] OR patient*) AND incentive* [ti]) OR Reimbursement Mechanisms [mh]36,852
#6IT, telemedMedical Informatics [mh] OR computer [ti] OR (decision [ti] AND support [ti]) OR Telemedicine[mh] OR Telemedicine [ti] OR telecommunication* [ti] OR Internet [mh] OR web [ti] OR modem [ti] OR telephone* [ti] OR telephone [mh]306,703
#7#1 OR #2 OR #3 OR #4 OR #5 OR #6988,356
#8#7 AND (Hypertension [mh] OR Hypertension [ti] OR (blood [ti] AND pressure [ti]))7,574
#9#8 AND (systematic review search string§ OR original research string**)3,698
#10#9 Limit to English3,144
#11#10 Limit to Pub since 19802,942
#12Main result#11 BUTNOT (editorial [pt] OR comment [pt] OR letter [pt])2,842
#13Additional yield of journal search(#8 AND Journal Search String ) BUTNOT (#9 OR editorial [pt] OR comment [pt] OR letter [pt]) [Limited to English, 1980]220
#14Additional yield of author search(#8 AND author search) BUTNOT (#13 OR editorial [pt] OR comment [pt] OR letter [pt]) [Limited to English, 1980]29
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((meta-analysis [pt] OR meta-analysis [tw] OR metaanalysis [tw]) OR ((review [pt] OR guideline [pt] OR consensus [ti] OR guideline* [ti] OR literature [ti] OR overview [ti] OR review [ti] OR Decision Support Techniques [mh]) AND ((Cochrane [tw] OR Medline [tw] OR CINAHL [tw] OR (National [tw] AND Library [tw])) OR (handsearch* [tw] OR search* [tw] OR searching [tw]) AND (hand [tw] OR manual [tw] OR electronic [tw] OR bibliographi* [tw] OR database* OR (Cochrane [tw] OR Medline [tw] OR CINAHL [tw] OR (National [tw] AND Library [tw]))))) OR ((synthesis [ti] OR overview [ti] OR review [ti] OR survey [ti]) AND (systematic [ti] OR critical [ti] OR methodologic [ti] OR quantitative [ti] OR qualitative [ti] OR literature [ti] OR evidence [ti] OR evidence-based [ti]))) BUTNOT (case report [mh] OR case* [ti] OR report [ti] OR editorial [pt] OR comment [pt] OR letter [pt]) → 38,865 MEDLINE records


Randomised [ti] OR Randomized [ti] OR Controlled [ti] OR intervention [ti] OR evaluation [ti] OR impact [ti] OR effectiveness [ti] OR Evaluation [ti] OR Studies [ti] OR study [ti] Comparative [ti] OR Feasibility [ti] OR Program [ti] OR Design [ti] OR Clinical Trial [pt] OR Randomized Controlled Trial [pt] OR Epidemiologic Studies [mh] OR Evaluation Studies [mh] OR Comparative Study [mh] OR Feasibility Studies [mh] OR Intervention Studies [mh] OR Program Evaluation [mh] OR Epidemiologic Research Design [mh] → 2,551,486 MEDLINE records


N Engl J Med [ta] OR JAMA [ta] OR Ann Intern Med [ta] OR Am J Med [ta] OR Arch Intern Med [ta] OR J Gen Intern Med [ta] OR BMJ [ta] OR Lancet [ta] OR CMAJ [ta] OR Clin Invest Med [ta] OR Arch Fam Med [ta] OR J Fam Pract [ta] OR Fam Pract [ta] OR Ann Med [ta] OR Br J Gen Pract [ta] OR J Intern Med [ta] OR Med J Aust [ta] OR South Med J [ta] OR West J Med [ta] OR Aust N Z J Med [ta] OR Med Care [ta] OR Health Serv Res [ta] OR Inquiry [ta] OR Milbank Q [ta] OR Health Aff (Millwood) [ta] OR Health Care Financ Rev [ta] OR Med Care Res Rev [ta] OR eff clin pract [ta] OR eval health prof [ta] OR Jt Comm J Qual Improv [ta] OR Qual Saf Health Care [ta] OR Int J Qual Health Care [mh] OR Qual Health Care [ta] OR Qual Health Res [ta] OR Rep Med Guidel Outcomes Res [ta] OR Am J Manag Care [ta] OR Am J Med Qual [ta] OR J Contin Educ Health Prof [ta] OR Prev Med [ta] OR Am J Prev Med [ta] OR Patient Educ Couns [ta] OR Ann Behav Med [ta] OR J Hum Hypertens [ta] OR Hypertension [ta] OR Am J Hypertens [ta] OR Clin Exp Hypertens [ta] OR J Clin Hypertens [ta] OR J Hypertens [ta] OR Am J Cardiol [ta] OR Am Heart J [ta] OR circulation [ta] OR J AM Coll Cardiol [ta] OR Can J Cardiol [ta] OR Heart Lung [ta]


(Berwick D [au] OR berlowitz d [au] OR davis d [au] OR kiefe c [au] OR wagner e [au] OR glasgow r [au] OR boddenheimer t [au] OR Hulscher M [au] OR grol r [au] OR grimshaw j [au] OR haynes b [au] OR haynes rb [au] OR sackett d [au] OR goldberg h [au] OR Hirsch I [au] OR nash d [au] OR roper w [au] OR weingarten s [au]) → 6,401

From: Appendix B, Search Strategy Exemplar: Quality Improvement and Hypertension

Cover of Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies (Vol. 1: Series Overview and Methodology)
Closing the Quality Gap: A Critical Analysis of Quality Improvement Strategies (Vol. 1: Series Overview and Methodology).
Technical Reviews, No. 9.1.
Shojania KG, McDonald KM, Wachter RM, et al., editors.

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