Table 1Core curriculum plenary sessions and breakout modules as taught in the “Become a PSEP Safety Trainer” course setting

Setting the scene, gaining core knowledge
Plenary 1General sessionWhy patient safety? Why now?
 Module 1Breakout sessionMoving beyond blame to systems thinking
 Module 2Breakout sessionApplying human factors in the workplace
 Module 3Breakout sessionCommunicating effectively with patients and caregivers
 Module 4Breakout sessionBeing an effective team member and understanding teamwork
 Module 5Breakout sessionOrganization and culture
 Module 6Breakout sessionThe impact of technology on patient safety
Plenary 2General sessionLaw and other influences in the external environment
Contextualizing knowledge, preparing to change
Plenary 3General sessionConceptual framework for patient safety
 Module 7Breakout sessionEffectively engaging patients and families as partners in care
 Module 8Breakout sessionLeadership and organizational support
 Module 9Breakout sessionScientific methods for improving safety
Plenary 4General sessionHow to teach and implement patient safety
 Module 10Breakout sessionAcute care settings: rapid response teams, ICU, ER, etc
 Module 11Breakout sessionChronic care settings: palliative care, pressure ulcers, falls, etc
 Module 12Breakout sessionInterventional care settings: surgical care; infection control, (e.g., hand hygiene), medication safety, etc
Small group sessionPracticing your teaching skills
Small group sessionPlanning your PSEP program
Final sessionNext steps: Senior execs/trainer teams at roundtables with group work and general session

Note: ICU = intensive care unit; ER = emergency room; PSEP = Patient Safety Education Project.

From: The Patient Safety Education Project: An International Collaboration

Cover of Advances in Patient Safety: New Directions and Alternative Approaches (Vol. 2: Culture and Redesign)
Advances in Patient Safety: New Directions and Alternative Approaches (Vol. 2: Culture and Redesign).
Henriksen K, Battles JB, Keyes MA, et al., editors.

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