(nopubs2)Number of Publications During the Period 1985–1992
(perfawd)Percentage of Program Faculty with at Least One Honor or Award for the Period 1986–1992
(acadplan)Total Number of Doctorates FY 1986–1992 with academic employment plans at the 4-year college or university level.
(ginicit)Gini Coefficienticient for Program Citations, 1988–1992: The Gini coefficienticient is an indicator of the concentration of citations on a small number of the program faculty during the period 1988–1992.
(nocits1)Number of Citations During the Period 1981–1992
(fullprof)Percentage of Full Professors Participating in the Program
(empplan)Total Number of Doctorates FY 1986–1992 with Employment Plans.

From: G, Technical and Statistical Techniques

Cover of Assessing Research-Doctorate Programs
Assessing Research-Doctorate Programs: A Methodology Study.
National Research Council (US) Committee to Examine the Methodology for the Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs; Ostriker JP, Kuh CV, editors.
Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2003.
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