Criteria for Abnormal Result on 100 g, Three-Hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests in Pregnant Women1,30

Blood sampleNational Diabetes Data Group CriteriaCarpenter and Coustan Criteria
Fasting105 mg/dL (5.8 mmol/L)95 mg/dL (5.3 mmol/L)
1-hour190 mg/dL (10.5 mmol/L)180 mg/dL (10.0 mmol/L)
2-hour165 mg/dL (9.2 mmol/L)155 mg/dL (8.6 mmol/L)
3-hour145 mg/dL (8.0 mmol/L)140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L)

From: 2, Methods Summary

Cover of Screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus [Internet].
Evidence Syntheses, No. 60.
Hillier TA, Vesco KK, Whitlock EP, et al.

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