Table 6

Personality Disorders

Author, Year, Jadad scoreSubject (s)NTreatmentDurationOutcomes
Soler, 2005, 2Borderline Personality Disorder, 90% women60Dialectical therapy + Placebo vs. dialectical therapy + Olanzapine, flexible dose12 weeksChange in HAM-D favoring Olanzapine SMD = 2.438 (1.765, 3.111); Change in CGI-S favoring Olanzapine WMD = −11.87(−14.226, −9.514)
Bogenschultz, 2004, 3Borderline Personality Disorder, Age 18 to 54, 38% male40Placebo vs. Olanzapine Adjustable dosing12 weeksChange in CGI-BPD SMD = −.667 (−1.351, 0.018) No differences in SCL-90 scales.
Zanarini, 2001, 5Borderline Personality Disorder, Females ages 18–4028Placebo vs. Olanzapine Adjustable dosing24 weeksFinal change in SCL-90 anxiety disorder not significant between groups.
Olanzapine group experienced faster rate of change in anxiety, paranoia, anger/hostility.
Zanarini, 2004, 2Borderline Personality Disorder, Females 18–4045Fluoxetine vs. Olanzapine vs. Olanzapine + Fluoxetine8 weeksChange in MADRAS not significant between groups.
Nichels, 2006, 4Borderline Personality Disorder, 17% male, Age >=1652Placebo vs. Aripiprazole, 15mg fixed dose8 weeksChange in HAM-D, HAM-A, STAEI, and most of SCL-90 scales favoring aripiprazole
Koenigsberg, 2003, 4Schitzotypal Personality Disorder, Age 18–60, 83% male25Placebo vs. Risperidone, up to 2 mg/day9 weeksChange in PANSS-TOTAL favoring risperidone − 1.624 (−2.595 to −0.653)

SMD = Standardized Mean Difference, WMD = Weighted Mean Difference

PANSS = Positive And Negative Syndrome Scale

MADRAS = Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale

HAM-D = Hamilton Depression Scale

SCL-90 = Symptom Checklist 90

CGI = Clinical Global Impression Scale

From: 3, Results

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