Table F-11

Surrogate outcome, LDL-c using fibrate plus statin therapy compared with statin monotherapy

Low density lipoprotein cholesterol
TrialPopulationCombination Statin Dose (mg/day)Fibrate (mg/day)Combo NMonotherapy Statin Dose (mg/day)Mono NFollow- up (wk)Mean Baseline LDL-c (mg/dL)Combo- mono: mean difference (95% CI)AACJadad ScoreITTA
Combination – monotherapy: difference in mean percentage change from baseline
Durrington (2004)125
4522IL/0036 Europe Pharm. Fund Multicenter
Participants with combined HC, HbA1c <10%, and T2DMRosuvastatin 10Fenofibrate 20053Rosuvastatin 4051181494.50 (−4.10, 13.1)unclear2No
Muhlestein (2006)145
DIACOR study North America Pharm. Fund Single center
Participants with mixed dylipidemia, HbA1c <9%, T2DM and without CADSimvastatin 20Fenofibrate 160100Simvastatin 20100122785.00 (−1.47, 11.5)unclear2Yes
Grundy (2005)120
SAFARI North America Multicenter
Combined HC 71% with MetSSimvastatin 20Fenofibrate 160399Simvastatin 2020112163−5.40 (−8.39, −2.4)yes2No

From: Appendix F, Included Evidence

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