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Kamkin A, Kiseleva I, editors. Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues. Moscow: Academia; 2005.

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Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues.

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International scientists have come together to create a book on mechanosensitivity in cells and tissue. Edited by Andre Kamkin and Irina Kiseleva, this is a comprehensive overview in an exciting field. The rapidly growing cache of knowledge, which has to a considerable extent been generated by the authors themselves, has not only provided us with new, detailed insights into the function of mechanosensitivity in diverse tissues and organs, but has also displayed the potential therapeutic possibilities that arise from this understanding. The extremely well written book is very much worthwhile reading. In contrast to the belief that there is no greater thief than a mediocre book, this work will be praised for the gifts of insight and information it contains. The scientific community will be extremely grateful to the benefactors that have made this piece of work possible.

Prof. Dr. Pontus B. Persson
Johannes-Müller Centrum für Physiologie
Institute of Vegetative Physiology
Tucholskystr. 2, 10117 Berlin,
Editor-in-Chief of the Am. J. Physiol.-RIC

Copyright © 2005, Academia Publishing House Ltd.
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