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Table 3. Estimates of the Prevalence of Dementia (%)

Study and PopulationAge Groups
Hendrie et al., 199567 1.83*6.73†17.07‡
African-Americans in Indianopolis, Indiana
(n = 2,212)
White et al., 199668 NR2.16.212.933.4NRNR
Asian-American men in Honolulu, Hawaii
(n = 3,734)
Graves et al., 199669 0.761.356.2612.6729.6950.2074.28
Japanese-Americans in King County (Seattle), Washington
(n = 1,985)

NR, not reported.


Ages 65–74 years

Ages 75–84 years

Ages 85+ years

From: 3, Results

Cover of Screening for Dementia
Screening for Dementia [Internet].
Systematic Evidence Reviews, No. 20.
Boustani M, Peterson B, Harris R, et al.

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