Evidence Table 7. Efficacy of Anti-Inflammatory Medications in Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

AuthorNIntervention OutcomesResults Quality and Comments
DrugDosePeriodScaleTreatmentPlaceboP value/ NNT
Aisen et al., 2000108 138Prednisone10 mg/day maintenance12 monthsGlobal (CDR-SB, BDRS)CDR-SB (mean change) (not all outcomes were considered)
CognitiveBDRS (mean change) type: Alzheimer's disease
Physical function (none)ADAS-Cog (mean change)
Behavior (Ham-D, BPRS)Ham-D (mean change)
BPRS (mean change) (placebo favor)
Scharf et al., 1999109 41Diclofenac plus50 mg/day6 monthsGlobal (CGIC, caregiver GIC, GDS)CGIC (mean change)4.294.57NSFair (not all outcomes were considered)
Misoprostol200 mg/dayCognitive (ADAS-Co, MMSE)Caregiver-CGI (mean change)4.474.79NSSignificant difference in AR among groups
Physical function (IADL, PSMS)GDS (mean change)+0.35+0.57NS
BehaviorADAS-Co (mean change)+0.25+1.93NS
MMSE (mean change)+0.41-0.86NS all P > 0.125
IADL (mean change)0.061.86NS
PSMS (mean change)0.530.21NS
ADAS-Noncog (mean change)-0.59+1.36NS

From: Appendix B. Evidence Tables

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