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 PhonationDysphonia, aphonia
 ArticulationDysarthria, anarthria
 LanguageDysphasia, aphasia
Other dominant hemisphere functions
 Right–left orientationRight–left disorientation
 Finger identificationFinger agnosia
Nondominant hemisphere functions
 Drawing abilityDrawing apraxia
 Topographic abilitySpatial disorientation
 ConstructionConstructional apraxia
 DressingDressing apraxia
 Facial recognitionProsopagnosia
 Awareness of body and spaceNeglect of part of body or space
 Motor persistenceMotor impersistence
Bilateral hemisphere functions
 Motor performanceMotor apraxia
 Handedness and other lateralized motor functionsNone

From: Chapter 66, Speech and Other Lateralizing Cortical Functions

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