Table E3Reported clinical and intermediate outcomes after comparisons of antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis B (randomized controlled clinical trials)

TreatmentsMortality/Liver-related MortalityHCCCirrhosisLiver FailureCombinedBiochemicalVirological
(DNA; HBe or HBs Ag Status)
HistologicalHarm Effects
Adefovir dipivoxil+lamivudine vs. adefovir dipivoxil2 studies43,452 studies43,451 study43
Adefovir dipivoxil+lamivudine vs. lamivudine2 studies43,582 studies43,582 studies43,58
Adefovir dipivoxil (dose, time)1 study971 study974 studies40,42,44,985 studies40,42,44,97,983 studies42,97,986 studies40,42,44,9799
Adefovir dipivoxil vs. placebo4 studies4042,985 studies4042,98,1003 studies41,42,985 studies4042,98,99
Entecavir (dose, time)1 study762 studies76,772 studies76,772 studies76,772 studies76,77
Entecavir vs. lamivudine5 studies7376,1012 studies73,1014 studies73,75777 studies7377,1016 studies7377,1013 studies73756 studies7377,101
Interferon alfa-2b+corticosteroid vs. interferon alfa-2b1 study 901 study 914 studies90,92,95,968 studies9096,1022 studies 90,913 studies92,93,95
Interferon alfa-2b+corticosteroid vs. no treatment1 study963 studies93,94,96
Interferon alfa-2b+corticosteroid vs. symptomatic treatment1 study1031 study1031 study1031 study103
Interferon alfa-2b+lamivudine2 studies61,792 studies67,793 studies67,79,1042 studies67,792 studies67,79
(dose, time)8080
Interferon alfa-2b+lamivudine vs. lamivudine5 studies60,61,64,66,688 studies47,6267,6910 studies47,60,6266,68,69,1047 studies47,60,64,666910 studies47,60,6269
Interferon alfa-2b+lamivudine vs. placebo1 study472 studies47,1041 study471 study47
Interferon alfa-2b+placebo vs. lamivudine1 study671 study671 study671 study67
Interferon alfa-2b+placebo vs. no treatment1 study93
Interferon alfa-2b (dose, time)2 studies85,901 study854 studies82,85,90,964 studies82,85,90,962 studies82,85
Interferon alfa-2b vs. lamivudine104
Interferon alfa-2b vs. no treatment1 study891 study841 study894 studies84,87,88,1054 studies83,84,86,967 studies83,84,86,94,96,1042 studies84,895 studies83,84,86,87,105
Lamivudine vs. adefovir dipivoxil1 study431 study431 study43
Lamivudine vs. baseline2 studies106,1074 studies56,57,106,1071 study107
Lamivudine (dose, time)3 studies50,55,1084 studies50,1081103 studies50,107,1114 studies50,55,108,110
Lamivudine vs. no treatment1 study541 study541 study54
Lamivudine vs. placebo1 study511 study513 studies46,49,517 studies4648,50,108,112,11311 studies48501086165246,47,51,104,110,112,1136 studies4648,50,111,1139 studies4651,108,110,112
Lamivudine vs. telbivudine1 study721 study721 study721 study72
Lamivudine vs. usual care1 study53
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ lamivudine vs. baseline2 studies56,57
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ lamivudine vs. interferon alfa-2b1 study114
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ lamivudine vs. lamivudine1 study564 studies56,57,114,1152 studies56,572 studies56,572 studies56,572 studies56,57
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ lamivudine vs. peginterferon alfa-2a1 study561 study561 study561 study561 study561 study56
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ placebo vs. baseline1 study56
Peginterferon alfa-2a+ placebo vs. lamivudine1 study563 studies56,57,1142 studies56,572 studies56,572 studies56,572 studies56,57
Peginterferon alfa-2a vs. baseline1 study57
Peginterferon alfa-2a vs. lamivudine1 study114
Peginterferon alfa-2a (dose, time)1 study1161 study1161 study1161 study116
Peginterferon alfa-2b+ lamivudine vs. lamivudine1 study1171 study1172 studies59,1173 studies59,117,1181 study591 study59
Peginterferon alfa-2b+ lamivudine vs. peginterferon alfa-2b4 studies78,1191216 studies78,1201242 studies78,1252 studies78,119
Peginterferon alfa-2b vs. interferon alfa-2b1 study811 study811 study811 study81
Telbivudine+lamivudine vs. lamivudine1 study721 study721 study721 study72
Telbivudine+lamivudine vs. telbivudine1 study721 study721 study72
Telbivudine vs. adefovir dipivoxil1 study441 study441 study44
Telbivudine vs. lamivudine1 study711 study711 study711 study711 study71
Telbivudine (dose, time)2 studies721 study72

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Management of Chronic Hepatitis B.
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