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Creating a Web Link to PubMed

Created: ; Last Update: June 5, 2012.

This user guide provides instructions on creating a link or bookmark to PubMed.

Users intending to send frequent queries or retrieve large numbers of records from the NCBI databases should use E-Utilities. Users must comply with the usage guidelines and requirements to prevent overloading NCBI systems.

The NCBI Disclaimer and Copyright notice must be evident to users. Users are advised to consult legal counsel to ensure compliance with intellectual property laws. NLM cannot provide advice about copyright issues.


NLM currently leases PubMed journal citations, at no charge.

Retrieve PubMed Citations

Base URL:

To retrieve results in HTML or text format use PubMed Unique Identifiers (PMID).

  • Retrieval parameters:
    • report=display format (DocSum (default display, except for a single citation), Abstract, MEDLINE, XML
    • format=text (HTML is the default format.)
    • email=address


Retrieve by PMID in displayed by abstract:

Retrieve by PMID in displayed by MEDLINE text format:,18276893?report=medline&format=text

Search PubMed

Use search to create a web link for terms with or without Boolean operators. “Escape” spaces by converting them to plus signs (+), e.g., Biochem Soc Trans should be entered as: Biochem+Soc+Trans.

  • Search parameters:
    • term=search terms (PubMed Help)
    • report=display format (DocSum (default display, except for a single citation), abstract, MEDLINE, XML
    • dispmax=number of citations to display if other than 20
    • email=address


PubMed antioxidant chocolate citations

  • activating filters (PubMed Help):
    • cmd_current=Limits
    • pmfilter_filter name = filter value
  • turning off filters
    • pubmedfilters=true


PubMed hay fever citations published in 2006, display the first 50:[pdat]&dispmax=50

PubMed citations on AZT filtered to the AIDS subset:

To turn off PubMed filters and search for hay fever displayed in the abstract format:


A string with no internal spaces that identifies the resource that is using the database links. This argument is used to help NCBI provide better service to third parties generating NCBI database queries from programs. As with any query system, it is sometimes possible to ask the same question different ways, with different effects on performance. NCBI requests that developers sending batch requests include a constant 'tool' argument for all requests using the utilities.

Example: tool=resource

Email Address

If you choose to provide an email address we will use it to contact you if there are problems with your queries.

Example: email=gro.noitutitsni@eman

In addition, NCBI posts general announcements regarding the E-utilities to the utilities announcement mailing list. This mailing list is an announcement list only; individual subscribers may not send mail to the list. The list of subscribers is private and is not shared or used in any other way except for providing announcements to list members. The list receives about one posting per month. Please subscribe at the above link.

PubMed Feature Pages

To preset the PubMed Clinical Queries Medical Genetics or Clinical Study Categories use the following URL paramters:

Clinical Study Categories

  • clincat=category,scope

category= etiology, diagnosis, therpy, prognosis, clinical prediction guides

scope = broad, narrow

Medical Genetics

  • medgen=topic

topic=diagnosis, differential diagnosis, clinical description, management, genetic counseling, molecular genetics, genetic testing


Search cancer for the clinical study category of prognosis/narrow and the medical genetics topic of differential diagnosis:,narrow;medgen=differential+diagnosis

Search cystic fibrosis for the medical genetics topic of genetic counseling: fibrosis#medgen=genetic+counseling

Other NCBI Databases

Documentation for other NCBI databases is available in the Entrez Help.

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