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Table 6Evidence Table. Study design, MammaPrint®

Study, YearCountryStudy (data collection) periodStudy TypePopulation size, NBlinded (Y/N)Study purpose
Ach, 2007 57Inter-laboratory reproducibility
Buyse, 2006 59France, Sweden, UK1980-1998retrospectiveClinical low risk/gene low risk, 52 NRValidation
Clinical low risk/gene high risk, 28
Clinical high risk/gene low risk, 59
Clinical high risk/gene high risk, 163
Fan, 2006 79NetherlandsNRretrospectivePoor prognosis, 180 NAValidation
Good prognosis, 115
Glas, 2006 58NetherlandsNRretrospective162NRDevelopment
van de Vijver, 2002 25*Netherlands1984-1995retrospectivePoor prognosis, 180 NRValidation
Good prognosis, 115
van't Veer 21*Netherlands1983-1996retrospective98 (they say 98, but they are 97!!!!)NRDevelopment and validation

Supplemental information

NR = not reported; NA = not applicable

From: Appendix I: Evidence Tables

Cover of Impact of Gene Expression Profiling Tests on Breast Cancer Outcomes
Impact of Gene Expression Profiling Tests on Breast Cancer Outcomes.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 160.
Marchionni L, Wilson RF, Marinopoulos SS, et al.

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