Table 32Methodological quality of trials of meditation practices for substance abuse

StudyMeditation practiceRandomization Double blinding Withdrawals/dropouts describedJaded scoreAllocation concealmentReport of funding
StatedMethod describedStatedMethod described
Alterman AI, 2004258Mindfulness meditationYesAdequateNoNAYes3UnclearNo
Ballou D, 1977259TM®YesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearNo
Barton MJ, 2004260Medical meditation (mantra + BE)YesAdequateNoNANo2UnclearNo
Brautigam E, 1977261TM®YesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearNo
Kline KS, 1982271TM®NoNANoNAYes1UnclearNo
Li M, 1956262Qi GongYesInadequateNoNANo0UnclearNo
Marcus MT, 2001272,275MBSRNoNANoNANo0UnclearYes
Murphy R, 1995263MBSRYesUnclearNoNAYes2UnclearNo
Murphy TJ, 1986264CSMYesUnclearNoNAYes2UnclearYes
Parker JC, 1978265,276,277RRYesAdequateNoNAYes3UnclearNo
Raina N, 2001266YogaYesAdequateNoNAYes3UnclearNo
Ramirez J, 1990267TM®YesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearNo
Rohsenow DJ, 1985268RR + PMR + CRTYesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearYes
Shaffer HJ, 1997269Yoga + methadoneYesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearYes
Subrahmanyam S, 1986273YogaNoNANoNANo0UnclearYes
Taub E, 1994270TM®YesUnclearNoNANo1UnclearYes
Wong MR, 1981274Meditation practice (NS)NoNANoNANo0UnclearYes

BE = breathing exercises; CRT = cognitive restructuring training; CSM = clinically standardized meditation; MBSR = mindfulness-based stress reduction; NA = not applicable; NS = not specified; PMR = progressive muscle relaxation; RR = Relaxation Response; TM = Transcendental Meditation

From: 3, Results

Cover of Meditation Practices for Health
Meditation Practices for Health: State of the Research.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 155.
Ospina MB, Bond K, Karkhaneh M, et al.

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