Table 10Meditation practices examined in intervention and observational analytical studies

Meditation practiceIntervention studies (n) Observational analytical studies (n) Total (n)
RCTNRCTBefore-and-afterCohortCross- sectional
Mantra meditation111303110560337
Mindfulness meditation5025281212127
Meditation (ND)11621121
Miscellaneous meditation practices3...32311
Qi Gong13...97837
Tai Chi29172041888

ND = not described; NRCT = nonrandomized controlled trials; RCT = randomized controlled trials

From: 3, Results

Cover of Meditation Practices for Health
Meditation Practices for Health: State of the Research.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 155.
Ospina MB, Bond K, Karkhaneh M, et al.

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