Evidence Table 1d. Delivery of Preventive Health Care Services, Pap Smear Delivered: Pre-post Studies

Author, yearDescription of interventionTarget of interventionLength of F/UOutcomeOutcome self-reported by patients or providersNBaselineF/UAdjustedQual.score
Schneider, 2003Patients: written material, reminder, phone call; Providers: education on prevention measures.Patients and providers2 monthsPap smear deliveredNABaseline: 220,*56.9%69%N069
F/U: 214Med.
Geiger, 1993Physicians educated about providing preventive services in the context of a “health check”Patients5 monthsPap smear deliveredNABaseline: 24,16 (67%)35 (97%) N072
F/U: 37± High

Random cross-sectional samples of patients in 1999 and 2000.

Not statistically significant.


Chart reviews of new patient physicals

F/U = follow-up; NA = not applicable; PHE = periodic health evaluation.

Qual. Score = quality score (for assessments of study quality, each reviewer independently judged study quality and rated items on quality assessment forms, scores were calculated by adding quality scores and dividing them by the maximum score for any given category)

From: Appendix G: Evidence Tables

Cover of Value of the Periodic Health Evaluation
Value of the Periodic Health Evaluation.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 136.
Boulware LE, Barnes GJ II, Wilson RF, et al.

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