Table 12Cardiovascular disease-related mortality outcomes in subjects with the risk factor of dysglycemia. (Note: Annualized risk, unadjusted annualized RR, risk difference on annual data and AR for the study duration (%) are presented across the five diagnostic categories—IGT, IFG, I-IGT, I-IFG and combined IGT/IFG.)

Study GroupAuthorStudy Duration (y)Mortality TypeBaseline (n) IGT and/or IFGBaseline (n) NGT and/or NFGAnnualized Risk per 100 persons in exposed populationAnnualized Relative Risk (95% CI)Annualized Risk Difference per 100 persons% Attributable Risk in exposed population for study duration
Risk group: IGT
Tominaga, 199993 7CVD113711919970.423.080.2867.3
NHANES IISaydah, 200192 16CVD5542515921040.761.670.3038.7
PPSBalkau, 199155 18Ischemic heart disease77004661290.061.330.0124.8
Risk group: IGT (isolated)
PPSBalkau, 199259 18Cardio-cerebrovas-cular4063821058430.341.720.1441.2
Risk group: IFG
CAREGoldberg, 199852 5CHD121497114781.541.650.6038.5
Tominaga, 199993 7CVD - 7yr31522722800.281.660.1139.5
BIPFisman, 200191 9CVD - Ischemic79117946993050.721.320.1723.6
BIPTenenbaum, 200289 9Cardiac172119017230.861.520.2933.4
PPSBalkau, 200243 17Coronary53120919353210.251.200.0416.7
Risk group: IFG (isolated)
Risk group: Multiple IGT/IFG

Abbreviations: BIP=Bezafibrate Infarction Prevention trial; CHD=Cholesterol and Recurrent Events Study; CHD=Coronary heart disease; CVD=Cardiovascular disease; IFG=Impaired fasting glucose; IGT=Impaired glucose tolerance; I-IFG=Isolated impaired fasting glucose; I-IGT=Isolated impaired glucose tolerance; NHANES=National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; PPS=Paris Prospective Study; y=Year(s)

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Cover of Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Impaired Fasting Glucose
Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Impaired Fasting Glucose.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 128.
Santaguida PL, Balion C, Hunt D, et al.

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