Table 3.55 Non-Randomized Studies of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements that Reported No Adverse Events

Author, YearNOmega-3 Fatty Acid (g/d) Duration (week)
Saynor, 1992365EPA+DHA 1.1–1.84–364
Shinozaki, 199616EPA 1.896
Blok, 199744EPA+DHA 1.0–2.952
Rhodes, 199415EPA+DHA 3.024
Von Schacky, 19856Cod liver oil 10–40 ml20
Nelson, 199710DHA 6.017
Russo, 199524EPA+DHA 2.616
Meydani, 199125EPA+DHA 2.412
Bagdade, 19908EPA+DHA 6.012
Nau, 199114EPA+DHA 1.08
Toth, 199510n-3 FA 0.28
Bonanome, 199612n-3 FA 2.58
Bagdade, 19969EPA+DHA 4.68
Berg, 198910EPA+DHA 0.76
Schmidt, 199110EPA+DHA 0.76
Schmidt, 199010EPA+DHA 2.16
Schmidt, 198910n-3 FA 4.06
Berg, 198917EPA+DHA 5.16
Haglund, 199013EPA 2.7–5.44
Glauber, 19886EPA+DHA 5.54
Suehiro, 199427EPA 1.84
Harris , 198312n-3 FA 20–294
Owens, 19906EPA+DHA 4.54
Kasim-Karakas, 199514EPA+DHA 3.34
Terano, 19838EPA+DHA 0.34
Nordoy, 19946EPA+DHA 4.83
Total 707

From: Summary Tables

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Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Cardiovascular Disease.
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