Table 10. Main Features and Findings on Probing Depth and Clinical Attachment Level: Trials of Local Metronidazole

Author, YearRandomization Placebo BlindedDurationNumber Completing Treatment ControlDosage and ModeTreatment Group PD Reduction (mm) Level of SignificanceTreatment Group CAL Gain (mm) Level of Significance
Aziz-Gandour and Newman 198677 R PL DB12 weeksN: T: C:16 subjects 210 surfaces 118 surfaces0.05% metronidazole irrigation for 28 daysData NR; P < 0.01N/A
Moran et al., 199037 R NP DB12 weeksN: T: C:33 pockets 15 pockets 18 pocketsAcrylic strips impregnated with metronidazole+0.9, NS+0.3, NS
Noyan et al., 199775 R NP NR6 weeksN: T: C:10 subjects 5 subjects 5 subjects25% metronidazole gel applied on days 0 and 7+0.78, NS+0.66, P < 0.01
Awartani and Zulqarnain 199828 R NP SB14 weeksN: T: C:12 subjects 360 sites 378 sites25% metronidazole gel applied on days 0 and 7-0.12, NSN/A
Lie et al., 199834 R NP DB26 weeks (6 months)N: T: C:18 subjects 18 subjects 18 subjects25% sustained release metronidazole gel after SRP sessions on days 0 and 7Defect sites:* +0.5, NS Nondefect sites:* -0.1, NSDefect sites:* +0.7, NS Nondefect sites:* 0.0, NS
Palmer et al, 199876 R NP SB24 weeksN: T: C:53 subjects 26 subjects 27 subjects25% metronidazole gel subgingival application on days 0 and 7Data NR, NS-0.04, NS
Kinane and Radvar, 199953 R NP SB26 weeks (6 months)N: T: C:36 subjects 19 subjects 20 subjects25% metronidazole gel 2xday applied on day 0 and 7+0.22, NS+0.004, NS
Riep et al., 199978 R NP SB13 weeks (3 months)N: T: C:29 subjects 29 subjects 29 subjects25% metronidazole gel applied 5 times over 10 days0.0, NS+0.17, NS
Al Mubarak et al., 200080 R NP SB13 weeks (90 days)N: T: C:14 subjects 14 subjects 14 subjects25% metronidazole gel applied on days 0 and 7+0.8, P < 0.03N/A
Griffiths et al., 200079 R NP SB39 weeks (9 months)N: T: C:88 subjects 1,770 sites 1,780 sites25% metronidazole gel 1xweek for 3 weeks+0.5, P < 0.001+0.4, P < 0.001
Stelzel and Flores-de-Jacoby, 200036 R NP SB37 weeks (9 months)N: T: C:59 subjects 59 subjects 59 subjects25% metronidazole gel applied 2xday on days 0 and 7+0.18, P < 0.05+0.07, NS

R, randomized; ; PL, placebo-controlled; NP, no placebo; DB, double-blind; SB, single blind; NR, not reported; N/A, not applicable because not one of the clinical measures used; NS, not significant.

*Defect and nondefect sites refer to, respectively, the mean of measurements from the buccal and lingual side versus measurements for all remaining parts of the tooth.

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Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Adjuncts to Scaling and Root Planing Therapy for Periodontitis.
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