Table 6. Main Features and Findings on Probing Depth and Clinical Attachment Level: Trials of Local Tetracycline

Author, YearRandomization Placebo BlindedDurationNumber Completing Treatment ControlDosage and ModeTreatment Group PD Reduction (mm) Level of SignificanceTreatment Group CAL Gain (mm) Level of Significance
Goodson et al., 198548 R NP SB52 weeksN: T: C:10 subjects 9 teeth 9 teeth25% tetracycline fibers for 10 daysData NR, NRInitial PD > 3 mm: +0.34, NS Initial PD > 6 mm: +0.33, NS
MacAlpine et al., 198531 Non-R PL NR24 weeksN: T: C:11 subjects 16 sites 16 sites50 mg/ml tetracycline irrigation every 2 weeks for 22 weeks+0.4, NR+0.3, NS
Nylund and Egelberg, 199051 Non-R PL NR52 weeksN: T: C:20 subjects 20 subjects 20 subjects50 mg/ml tetracycline irrigation once every 2 weeks for 3 monthsData NR, NSData NR, NS
Minabe et al., 199152 R NP NR8 weeksN: T: C:16 subjects 10 sites 8 sitesTetracycline immobilized collagen film, 4 consecutive weekly administrations+0.7, NSData NR, NS
Unsal et al., 199459 R NP NR12 weeksN: T: C:15 subjects 7 subjects 8 subjects40% tetracycline in white petroleum, single application-0.43, NS-0.23, NS
Jeong et al., 199433 R NP NR12 weeksN: T1: T2: C:16 subjects 16 subjects 16 subjects 16 subjectsT1: 5% tetracycline in gel, 1 application T2: 5% tetracycline with citric acid in gel, 1 applicationT1: +0.27, NS T2: +0.93, P < 0.05T1: +0.14, NS T2: +0.73, NS
Newman et al., 199457 R NP SB26 weeks (6 months)N: T: C:105 subjects 105 subjects 105 subjects12.1 cm of tetracycline fiber for 10 days+0.73, P < 0.01+0.48, P < 0.05
Shiloah and Patters 199454 R PL SB4 weeksN: T: C:7 subjects 12 sites 12 sites5% aqueous tetracycline, 1 applicationData NR, NSData NR, NS
Drisko et al., 199549 R NP SB52 weeksN: T: C:116 subjects 116 subjects 116 subjects17 mg tetracycline fibers for 10 daysData NR, NSData NR, NS
Darhous et al., 199550 Non-R NP NR8 weeksN: T: C:7 subjects 7 subjects 7 subjects100 mg/ml tetracycline irrigation, 5 minutes, 1 application+1.04, NR+1.8, NR
Trombelli et al., 199655 R NP SB8 weeks (60 days)N: T1: T2: C:12 subjects 20 sites 24 sites 19 sitesT1: 100 mg/ml tetracycline irrigation, 4 minutes, 1 application T2: 25% tetracycline fibers for 10 daysT1: +0.4, P = 0.011 T2: +0.5, P = 0.011T1: -0.2, NS T2: +0.4, NS
Lie et al., 199834 R NP DB26 weeksN: T: C:18 subjects 18 subjects 18 subjects3% tetracycline ointment after each SRP session, 1 week apartDefect sites:* +0.6, NS Nondefect sites:* -0.3, NSDefect sites:* +1.0, NS Nondefect sites:* +0.2, NS
Tonetti et al., 199835 R NP SB26 weeksN: T: C:123 subjects 63 subjects 60 subjects25% tetracycline fibers for 10±3 days+0.4, NS-0.1, NS
Yalcin et al., 199956 R NP SB7 weeksN: T: C:17 subjects 221 sites 191 sitesSlow-release tetracycline fibers for 10 days+0.41, P = 0.047+0.20, NS
Kinane and Radvar, 199953 R NP SB26 weeks (6 months)N: T: C:39 subjects 19 subjects 20 subjects25% tetracycline fibers for 10 days+0.67, P = 0.008+0.15, P < 0.05
Friesen et al., 200258 R NP SB26 weeks (6 months)N: T1: T2: C:24 subjects 24 subjects 24 subjects 24 subjects13.5 mg tetracycline strips for 7 to 10 days T1: single strip T2: multiple stripsT1: +0.43, NR T2: +0.87, NRT1: +0.44, NS T2: +0.48, NS

R, randomized; Non-R, nonrandomized; PL, placebo-controlled; NP, no placebo; DB, double-blind; SB, single blind; NB, not blinded; NR, not reported; N/A, not applicable because not one of the clinical measures used; NS, not significant.

*Defect and nondefect sites refer to, respectively, the mean of measurements from the buccal and lingual side versus measurements for all remaining parts of the tooth.

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Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Adjuncts to Scaling and Root Planing Therapy for Periodontitis.
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