DateDescription of Event I
1/12/78Biopsy stomach; normal gastric mucosa
5/16/85X-ray chest : right upper lobe amorphous area of increased density not well delineated on lateral view
5/28/85X-ray chest : changes consistent with a mass lesion right upper lobe; mild fibrotic changes
6/11/85Biopsy pathology: bronchial brushings: no cancer cells
6/11/85Bone scan full body: normal
6/11/85CT scan mediastinum: previously noted mass: 4–5cm against mediastinum; 1 cm lymph node and several 15mm lymph nodes present
6/12/85Surgery: fine needle aspiration right upper lung
6/12/85Biopsy pathology: lung (fine needle aspiration) large malignant cells present
6/17/85X-ray chest : compared to 6/12/85 right upper lung mass unchanged
6/18/85Surgery: right minithoracotomy
6/18/85Biopsy mediastinal lymph node: 2 parts: part 1-no evidence of malignancy: part 2-metastatic grade IV carcinoma
6/18/85X-ray chest : no pneumothorax; slight atelectasis
6/24/85–7/8/85Radiation right lung: 6000 RADS in 30 fractions
7/19/85X-ray of ankle and wrist : periosteal thickening otherwise normal
12/17/85X-ray chest : questionable nodule behind the heart on the left
1/5/86X-ray chest : irregular 3cm mass behind the heart on the right side, only change compared with 4/10/86
4/30/86X-ray chest : post-broncosopy - no evidence of pneumothorax
5/13/86–4/23/93IAT: 14 courses
6/13/86X-ray chest : post-radiation reduction in size of right hilar mass since 4/30/86. Large right apical mass also smaller
11/4/86X-ray chest : mass-like density recurrence in right hilum cannot be excluded
3/10/87X-ray chest : compared to 1/5/87 small density behind left border is no longer seen
4/30/88Biopsy pathology: bronchial brushings: no cancer cells
1/23/89X-ray chest : no evidence of associated bone erosion to suggest bone invasion of residual tumor
2/6/89X-ray chest : no suggestion of mets
7/28/89X-ray chest : compared with 7/26/88 significant radiation changes in apical pleural thickening
10/23/90X-ray chest: stable chest; no recurrence
11/25/91X-ray chest : unchanged from 4/9/91
4/24/92X-ray chest : stable exam
9/22/92X-ray chest : no signs of recurrence or metastasis
3/19/93X-ray chest : unchanged from 9/22/92
4/22/99Deceased from acute MI

From: Appendix E: Additional Cases Reviewed

Cover of Best-Case Series for the Use of Immuno-Augmentation Therapy and Naltrexone for the Treatment of Cancer
Best-Case Series for the Use of Immuno-Augmentation Therapy and Naltrexone for the Treatment of Cancer.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 78.
Coulter I, Hardy M, Shekelle P, et al.

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