Appendix C. Acknowledgments

The Evidence-based Practice Center staff acknowledges the collaboration of the clinical experts who served on the EPC Technical Expert Panel. The EPC also acknowledges the contributions by those who acted as peer reviewers for the evidence report.

New England Medical Center EPC Project Staff

Joseph Lau, MD; EPC/Project Director

Ethan Balk, MD, MPH, Assistant Project Director and Project Leader, Short Stature

Cynthia Cole, MD, MPH, Coordinating Team Leader

Deirdre DeVine, M Litt, Project Manager

Priscilla Chew, MPH, Project Leader, Failure to Thrive

Kimberly Miller, BA, Research Assistant

Chenchen Wang, MD, MSc, Project Leader, Low Birth Weight

Technical Expert Panel

Evidence Review Teams, Tufts New England Medical Center

Very Low Birth Weight

Dr. Cynthia Cole, Project Coordinator and Team Leader

Drs. Geoffrey Binney, John Fiascone, James Hagadorn, and Chiwan Kim

Patricia Casey, NNP

Short Stature

Dr. Patricia Wheeler, Team Leader

Drs. Barbara Shephard and Karen Bresnahan

Failure To Thrive

Dr. Ellen Perrin, Team Leader

Drs. Stephan Glicken, Nicholas Guerina, Kevin Petit, Robert Sege, MaryAnn Volpe, and Deborah Frank

James Perrin, MD, Pediatric Consultant to the EPC

Social Security Administration

Science Partner: Dr. Paul Burgan, MD, PhD; Regina Connell, MS

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Marian James, PhD, Task Order Officer

American Academy of Pediatrics

Marilee Allen, MD (Very Low Birth Weight)


Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland

Joseph Hersh, MD (Short Stature)

Louisville, Kentucky

Michael Farrell, MD (Failure to Thrive)

Chief of Staff

Childrens' Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

Carla Herrerias, BS, MPH

Senior Health Policy Analyst

Department of Practice and Research

American Academy of Pediatrics

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Disability Law Center, Inc.

Linda Landry, Esq.

Peer Reviewers

American Academy of Pediatrics

Very Low Birth Weight

Deborah Campbell, MD

Hartsdale, New York

Warren N. Rosenfeld, MD

Department of Pediatrics

Winthrop University Hospital

Mineola, New York

Short Stature

Susan Rose, MD

Department of Endocrinology

Childrens' Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

Failure to Thrive

William Cochran, MD

Department of Pediatric GI/Nutrition

Geisinger Health System

Danville, Pennsylvania

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

A. Jay Cohen, MD

The Endocrine Clinic, PC

Memphis, Tennessee

Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society

David M. Brown, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Gilman Grave, MD

Chief, Endocrinology, Nutrition and Growth Branch

Center for Research for Mothers and Children

Bethesda, Maryland

Catherine Y. Spong, MD (for VLBW and Failure to Thrive)

Chief, Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch

Center for Research for Mothers and Children

Bethesda, Maryland

Tonse Raju, MD (for VLBW and Failure to Thrive)

Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch

Center for Research for Mothers and Children

Bethesda, Maryland

Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Denis Drotar, MD

Professor and Chief

Division of Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology

Rainbow Babies and Childrens' Hospital

Cleveland, Ohio

Daniel Kessler, MD

Phoenix, Arizona