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Guise JM, McDonagh MS, Kraemer DF, et al. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2003 Mar. (Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 71.)

  • This publication is provided for historical reference only and the information may be out of date.

This publication is provided for historical reference only and the information may be out of date.

Cover of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

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Appendix E. Studies Excluded at the Data Abstraction Phase by Topic and Reason

Studies that were initially included and at the data abstraction level were excluded (see Bibliography for full reference.)

Author, YearStudy DesignReason
VBAC Success/ Maternal & Infant Outcomes
Abitbol, 1993 Prospective CohortAll women with history of cesarean / study follow-up or time period ambiguous
Aydemir, 1993Unable to separate scarred uterus group and CD data by group
Hamilton, 2001Case-ControlComparison and control groups not comparable on CD rates
Holland, 1992Retrospective CohortInsufficient description of population/data
Lynch, 1996Case-SeriesData not presented in an understandable/usable way
Miller, 1994Retrospective CohortDuplicate Data to Leung, 1993
Poma, 2000Before-After Policy changeData difficult to understand/abstract due to study design
Rozenberg, 1996Prospective CohortSensitivity/ specificity data not able to be analyzed
Schneider, 1988Prospective CohortNoncomparable groups, vertical incisions
Predictive Tools and Individual Factors
Del Valle, 1994TBAIncorrect comparison/no TOL group information
Goldman, 1990 Case-controlIncorrect comparison/no TOL group information
King, 1994 DatabaseIncorrect comparison/no TOL group information
Stafford, 1991 DatabaseIncorrect comparison/no TOL group information
Wagner, 1999 Retrospective CohortError in data
Induction of Labor
Grubb, 1996RCTData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Kaplan, 1993Retrospective CohortData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Learman 1996Retrospective CohortData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Maslow, 2000Retrospective CohortData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Peleg, 1999RCTData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Troyer, 1992 Retrospective CohortData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Turner, 1997Retrospective CohortData on risk/benefit of induction in TOL not discernable
Cost, Healthcare Resources, and Provider Characteristics
Author, Year Reason
Abitol (1993)No relevant data
ACOG (1996)review
ACOG (1997)No relevant data
Adams (2000)General population
Afriat (1990)Review
Ales (1990)Wrong population
American Health Consultants (1996)Review
Amini (1994)General population
Anderson (1985) CMAJGeneral population
Anderson (1999)Wrong population
Anonymous (DS&B, 1998)National data from insurer; limited cost and number of cases
Balaban (1994)General population
Barclay (1989)General population
Barros (1991)Developing country
Bennetts (1982)General population
Benson (2001)No relevant data
Bertollini (1992)General population
Bique (1999)Wrong population
Blakemore (1990)General population
Blegen (1995)General population; no relevant data
Bonham (1983)General population
Braveman (1996)No data
Britton (1998)General population
Brooten (1994)General population
Bryan (1990)Wrong population
Buist (1999)General population
Burns (1993)No relevant data
Burns (1994)No relevant data
Butler (1993)General population
Carey (1991)General population
Carpenter (1987)General population
Caughey (1998) No relevant data
Cavero (1991)General population
Chambliss (1992) No relevant data
Chaska (1988)General population
Chervenak (1996)Editorial; no relevant data
Chez (2001)No relevant data
Chua (1991)Developing country (Sinagapore) or General population
Clark (1991)General population
Clarke (1995)No relevant data
Clarke (1996) No relevant data
Clemenson (1993)Review
Coco (1998)Review
Combs (1992)Wrong population
Committtee on Obstetric Practice (1996)No relevant data
Comreid (1996)Wrong population
Coody (1993)Wrong population
Coonrod (2000)General population
Cowan (1994) No relevant data
Creedy (2000) General population
Crump (1988)General population
Curtin (1999)No relevant data
Daniels (1989)Review
Davies (1996)No relevant data
Dawson (1997)Editorial
de Meeus (1998) No relevant data
de Regt (1986)Wrong time
DeJoy (1999)Letter
Demott (1990)General population
DeMott (1999)Letter
Dhall (1987)Developing country
Dublin (2001)No relevant data
Duff (1988) No relevant data
Eakes (1990)Wrong population
Eakins (1989)No relevant data
Eddy (1990)Review
Eidelman (1998)General population
Eisenberg (1979)Wrong time
Elliott (1997)No relevant data
Emerson (2001)Wrong population
Enthoven (1989)General population
Evans (1984)Data pre-1980
Fadda (2001)Wrong population
Farmer (1996)Wrong population; no relevant data
Feldman (1985)Wrong population
Finkler (1982)Review
Finkler (1991)General population
Finkler (1993)General population
Firth (1988)No relevant data
Flamm (1985) Clin Obst & G, 28, 735No relevant data
Flamm (1990) No relevant data
Flamm (1997) Review; no relevant data
Flanagan (1987)Wrong population
Fraser (1987)General population
FrigolettoWrong population
Gafni (1997)Wrong population
Garite (1986)Wrong population
Gates (1995)No relevant data
Gifford (1995)Wrong population
Gillette (1996)Letter; no relevant data
Glasser (1988)General
Gleicher (1984) JAMA 3273General population
Gleicher (1986)Editorial; no relevant data
Goeree (1995)Wrong population; no relevant data
Goetzl (2001)No relevant data
Gold (1987)General population
Goldfarb (1987)General population
Goldfarb (1991)General population
Gonzalves (1993)Wrong population
Gordon (1999)Wrong population, no relevant data
Gould (1989)Wrong population
Grazier (1987)General population
Green (1995)Editorial
Gregory ( 1994)No relevant data
Gregory ( 1999)Wrong population; no relevant data
Greis (1981)General population
Greulich (1994)General population
Grullon (1997)Wrong popultion
Grzybowski (1991)General population; no relevant data
Guirguis (1991)Developing country
Hage (1992)Wrong population
Haire (1991)General population
Halpern (1999)Letter
Haney (1999)General population
Hanley (1996)No relevant data; VBAC outcomes (N=376)
Haq (1988)Review
Hart (1996)Wrong population
Harwood (2001)Wrong population
Heddleston (1991)No relevant data
Hemminki (1991)General population
Henry (1995)No relevant data
Hibbard (1989)General population
Hickson (1987)No relevant data
Hillman (1990)General population
Hornbrook (1981)Wrong time
Hourvitz (1996)Wrong population
Hsiao (1988)No relevant data
Hueston (1993)Wrong population
Hueston (1994) General population
Hueston (1995) J Fam Pract, 40, 345General population
Hueston (1995A)General population
Hurst (1984)General population
Institute of Clinical Systems Investigation (1996)No relevant data
Janowitz (1982)Developing country
Janowitz (1984)Developing country
Jones (1991)No relevant data
Joseph (1991)No relevant data
Kaplan (1996)Wrong population
Kazandian (1996)No relevant data
Keeler (1993)Review
Kennedy (1997)Review
Kennell (1991)General population
Kilpatrick (1995)Wrong population
Kirk (1990)No relevant data
Kizer (1988)Letter
Kline (1993) No relevant data
Koska (1989)General population
Kotagal (1999)Wrong population
Kozak (1989)General population
Kramer (1997)General population; no relevant data
Krieger (1993)Editorial
Krikke (1989)Wrong population
Lagrew (1998)General population
Lavin (1982)Data pre-1980
Leung (1993) No relevant data
Leung (1998)General population
Leyland (1993)Letter
Lieberman (1998)No relevant data
Lopez-Zeno (1992)Wrong population
Lydon-Rochelle (2000)Wrong population
Magann (1991)Wrong population
Mansfield (1995)General population
Mardon (1997)General population
Marieskind (1989)Review
Marta (1994)Review
Martin (1997)Wrong population (low-segment vertical) or review
Mauldin (1996)General population
McClain (1990) No relevant data
McCloskey (1992)Wrong population
McCord (2001)Developing country
McIntosh (1984)General population
McIntosh (1991)Review
Meehan (1989) No relevant data ?
Menacker (2001) No relevant data
Merrill (1999)General population; no relevant data
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, (1994)No relevant data
Miller (1980)No relevant data
Miller (1989)Review
Miller (1994) Ob Gyn 255No relevant data
MMWR 4/23/1993General population
MMWR 8/16/96General population
Moore (1986)Wrong population
Mousa (2000)Wrong population
Mozurkewich (2000)No relevant data
Mundle (1996)General population; no relevant data
Myers (1986)Wrong population
Myers (1990) SA, NEJMLetter
Myers (1993) General population
Naef (1995)No relevant data
Nesbitt (1991)Wrong population
Newton (1989)Wrong time
Norman (1995)Editorial
Notzon (1990)No relelvant data
November (2001)Review
Oberman (1989)General population
Obst (2001)General population
Oleske (1991)General population
Oleske (2000)No relevant data
Panlilio (1992)General population
Parrish (1993)General population
Parrish (1994) JAMA 443Wrong population
Paul (2000)Developing country
Pauly (2001)No relevant data
Petitti (1985)Review
Petrou (2001)General population
Phillips (1982)Wrong time
Placek (1983)Wrong time
Placek (1988) General population
Poma (1999)No relevant data
Porreco (1989)Editorial
Porreco et al (1989)Editorial
Pridjian (1991)General population
Rabinerson (2001)Letter; no relevant data
Radin (1993)Wrong population
Regan Report on Nursing Law (1993) v34 No.2Wrong population
Reid (1989)General population
Resnick (1987)General population
Reynolds (1997)General population
Rhodes (1994)Wrong population
Roberts (1994)No relevant data
Roberts (1997) Meta-analysis; no citations for included articles
Robertson (1990)General population
Rochat (1988)General population
Rock (1988)Wrong population
Rogers (2000)Wrong population
Rooks (1989)General population
Rose (1999A and B)Editorial
Rose (1999A) AFP 474Editorial
Rosen (1990)Review
Rosen (1991)Review
Rubin (1981)Wrong time
Ruderman (1993)General population
Rudick (1984)No relevant data
Sachs (1999)Editorial; no relevant data
Sachs (1999)Editorial
Sachs (1999A)Editorial
Sachs (1999B)Letter
Sack (1980)Wrong population
Sakala (1993)General population
Sanchez-Ramos (1992)Wrong population
Sanchez-Ramos (1995)General population
Sandmire (1994)No relevant data
Sandmire (1996)No relevant data
Satcher (1999)Letter
Satin (1991)General population
Satin (1994)General population
Schipp (2000)No relevant data
Schipp (2001)No relevant data
Schnitker (1999)Review
Scott (1991) No relevant data
Scott (1997)Review
Seminar in Nursing LawWrong population
Sennett (1983)Wrong population
Shy (1980)Wrong time
Siddiqui (1999)General population
Sims (1984)General population
Sirio (1999)Letter
Skupinski (1996)Wrong population
Spelliscy (1995)Wrong population
Stafford (1990) JAMA 683Review
Stafford (1993)No relevant data
Stainaker (1997)No relevant data
Statistical Bulletin (1988)General population
Statistical Bulletin (1989)Wrong time
Statistical Bulletin (1992)General population
Stuart (2001)General population
Taffel (1983)General population
Taffel (1987)No relevant data
Taffel (1991)General population
Taylor (1997)Wrong population
Torres (1989)Wrong population
Tussing (1992)Wrong population
Udom (1998)General population; no relevant data
van Amerongen (1989)No relevant data
Vimercati (2000) No relevant data
Wall (1995)Editorial
Wen (1998)General population
Wennberg (1982)No relevant data
Whitsel (2000) No relevant data
Williams (1983) RL, AJPHWrong time
Wilner (1981)Wrong time
Wright (1984)Wrong time
Yanoverpre 1980
Young (1997)Editorial
Zahniser (1992)No relevant data
Zelop (2001) No relevant data
Zhou (1991)Developing country (China)
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