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Summary-Level Data

Is Authorized Access Required for Viewing Summary-Level data?

Where can I access aggregate level data?

Due to the findings in the Homer et al, aggregate level data are no longer available through the dbGaP public ftp site. The data are only available via the dbGaP Authorized Access System together with the individual level data. NIH has recently implemented a new process for accessing certain aggregate datasets designated as general research use (GRU) through a single request for the dbGaP study phs000501 (Compilation of Aggregate Genomic Data Study), the data requests of which will be reviewed by the Central Data Access Committee (CDAC).

For additional information about the new process and how to request access to the compilation of aggregate data, please see here. (07/31/2012)

Embargo Release Dates


Some dbGaP studies have an embargo date attached to them. Could you explain what this means, and if these dates apply to summary data?

Prior to an embargo release date there is a restriction on the permission of public discussion — including manuscripts, posters, abstracts and presentations — of the data, which allows the data provider time to publish their findings.

Summary level allele frequencies and phenotype distributions are not subject to embargo release dates, however, summary level analyses, such as the provisional QC analyses ARE subject to embargo release dates. (10/30/07)

Access to Data prior to Embargo Release Date

Is it possible to get access to datasets prior to an embargo release date?

Many dbGaP datasets are available prior to the embargo release date. When authorized to do so, you may download and analyze the controlled access data prior to the embargo release date; however, you are not permitted to publicly discuss your findings as described in the signed Data Use Certification (DUC) that is part of the application process. (07/31/12)

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