Method of randomizationi Adequate allocation concealmentii (Y/N/nd)Intention to treat? (Y/N)Outcome assessors blinded? (Y/N)Loss to followup (%)Were the results adjusted? (Y/N)Were groups similar at baseline? (Y/N)Recruitment method appropriateiii? (Y/N)
List the variables that were adjusted for:
Were statistical analyses appropriate? iv (Y/N)

If cluster RCT, method used to generate the random allocation sequence, including details of any restriction (eg blocking, stratification, matching)


If cluster RCT, method used to implement the random allocation sequence, specifying that allocation was based on clusters rather than individuals and clarifying whether the sequence was concealed until interventions were assigned


Appropriate consecutive or randomized


If cluster RCT, Statistical methods used to compare groups for primary outcome(s) indicating how clustering was taken into account; methods for additional analyses, such as subgroup analyses and adjusted analyses

From: Appendix B. Data Abstraction Forms

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