WHOM TARGETED : Involve individual-level identification of being a patient/in need of intervention
WHO DELIVERED : Usually involve primary care clinicians (physicians in family practice, internal medicine, ob-gyn, pediatrics, general practitioner), other physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or related clinical staff (dietitians, health educators, others counselors) in a direct or indirect way—or, at least, the participant would see the intervention as connected to the health care system.
HOW DELIVERED : To individuals or in small groups (15 or less). Do not involve only or primarily group-level interventions outside the primary care setting to achieve behavioral changes. Generally involve no more than 8 group sessions total, and an intervention time period no longer than 12 months.
WHERE DELIVERED : Could be delivered anywhere (including via the web, interactive technologies, in the home) if linked to primary care as above.

From: Appendix B. Criteria for interventions judged to be relevant/feasible to primary care

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