Table 224.3American Cancer Society Recommendations for Early Cancer Detection in Asymptomatic Persons

CancerTestAge and frequency
ColorectalDigital rectal examinationYearly over 40
Stool guaiac slideYearly over 50
SigmoidoscopyOver 50 two annual exams, then every 3–5 years
BreastSelf-examinationMonthly over 20
Physical examinationAge 20–40 every 3 years, yearly over 40
MammographyBaseline at 35–40, every 1–2 years 40–49, yearly over 50
Vulva, cervix, uterus, ovaryPelvic: examinationEvery 3 years age 20–40, yearly over 40
Pap smearOver 30 two annual exams, then every 3 years
Other: Skin, thyroid, oral cavity, lymph nodes, testicles, prostatePatient education and focused physical examinationEvery 3 years 20–40, yearly over 40

From: Chapter 224, The Well Adult

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