Table 7. Antibiotic search strategy

MEDLINE (Index Medicus)
1. Explode labor, premature, and explode epidemiologic study characteristics, and limit to humans 1,039
2. Explode antibiotics306,659
3. 1 and 220
EMBASE (Excerpta Medica)
1. Premature labor; or premature delivery3,764
2. Antibiotics79,377
3. 1 and 2105
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
1. Premature labor; or premature delivery162
2. Antibiotics10,411
3. 1 and 23
Total unduplicated count from bibliographic databases 105
1. Articles found from bibliographies of review articles2
Total possible articles 107
Reductions Based On Abstract and Article Reviews
1. Opinion or editorial4
2. Study with <40 subjects6
3. Review articles28
4. Wrong language3
5. Not preterm labor33
6. Unavailable a 2
7. Antibiotics not primary focus16
Total articles excluded 92
Total articles reviewed 15

Unavailable: 2 German articles were not received in sufficient time for review.

From: 2, Methodology

Cover of Management of Preterm Labor
Management of Preterm Labor.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 18.
Berkman ND, Thorp JM Jr, Hartmann KE, et al.

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