TABLE 2-8Prevalence of High BMI by Age Among U.S. Adolescent Girls (12–19 years of age), 2003–2006

BMI Percentile of CDC Growth ChartsNon-Hispanic Black % (SE)Mexican American % (SE)Non-Hispanic White % (SE)
≥ 85th44.5 (1.5)37.1 (1.9)31.7 (1.9)
≥ 95th27.7 (1.9)19.9 (1.4)14.5 (2.0)
≥ 97th19.6 (1.5)14.1 (1.3)9.1 (1.6)

NOTE: SE = standard error.

SOURCE: Odgen et al., 2008.

From: 2, Descriptive Epidemiology and Trends

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