Box 2.7Major effects of metabolic hormones controlling the overall flow of fuels

LiverMuscleAdipose tissue
Insulin+ glycogen synthesis+ glucose uptake+ glucose uptake
+ glycolysis+ amino acid uptake+ free fatty acid uptake
- glycogenolysis- proteolysis- lipolysis
- gluconeogenesis
- ketogenesis
Glucagon+ glycogenolysisminimal actionminimal action
+ gluconeogenesis
+ ketogenesis
Cortisol+ glycogenolysis- amino acid uptake+ lipolysis
+ gluconeogenesis+ proteolysis- insulin action
- insulin action
Growth hormone+ gluconeogenesis+ amino acid uptake+ lipolysis
+ IGFs/IGFBP- glucose uptake- glucose uptake
Epinephrine+ glycogenolysis+ glycogenolysis+ lipolysis
+ gluconeogenesis- insulin action- insulin action
+ ketogenesis
Thyroid hormones+ gluconeogenesis+ proteolysis+ lipolysis




Abbreviations: IGFs, insulin like growth factors; IGFBP, IGF binding protein

From: Chapter 2, The endocrine pancreas

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