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Clinical Case 6.5

A 19-year-old man was brought to the clinic by his parents because of delayed pubertal development. There was a family history of delayed development and his father remembered that he had not started shaving regularly until the age of 22 years. There was no relevant past medical history and in particular no history of headaches or visual field problems. No family history of serious illness such as cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus or heart failure at an early age was elicited. Examination revealed him to be tall with a height of 1.85 m (his father's height was 1.74 m and his mother's height 1.60 m). His arm span was 1.92 m and his leg length was 0.98 m. He was in early puberty only, with Tanner stage 2 genitalia and 4 ml testes bilaterally.

From: Chapter 6, The gonad

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