Figure 4. Examples of reporter gene imaging.

Figure 4Examples of reporter gene imaging.

Examples of cell imaging using a reporter gene approach using the previously mentioned modalities. On the left panel, cells are genetically modified to carry the optical fluc reporter gene, delivered to the myocardium, and also imaged using a CCD camera after administration of the substrate D-Luciferin. Color images of visible light are superimposed on photographic images of mice with a scale in photons per second per square centimeter per steradian (sr). On the right panel, cells carrying the PET reporter gene HSV1-tk have been transplanted to the myocardium. The figure depicts tomographic images of the myocardium after the administration of the PET reporter probe 18Fluorine 9-[4-fluoro-3-(hydroxy methyl)butyl]guanine (18F-FHBG). The color scale (%ID/g) indicates the percentage of injected dose that accumulates per gram of tissue. Red arrows indicate the area where cells are located. Adapted from Wu JC et al. Circulation 2003 018:1302–1305 with permission.

From: Molecular imaging of stem cells

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