Figure 2. Histology of important stages of tooth development.

Figure 2Histology of important stages of tooth development.

Note that all early development is directed at creating the crown and only then root formation is initiated. Ameloblasts differentiate from the epithelium and odontoblasts from the mesenchyme and they deposit the matrices of enamel and dentin, respectively. Ameloblasts and enamel are missing on the root which is covered by the softer dentin and cementum. Ep, epithelium; mes, mesenchyme; sr, stellate reticulum; dm; dental mesenchyme; dp, dental papilla; df, dental follicle; ek, enamel knot; erm, epithelial cell rests of malassez; hers, hertwig's epithelial root sheath.

From: Tooth organogenesis and regeneration

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