Table 16.3.1. Characteristics of studies comparing chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) and povidone-iodine (PI) solutions for vascular catheter site care*

Study Description** NUMBER OF CATHETERS (TREATMENT, CONTROL)MEAN CATHETER DURATION IN DAYS (TREATMENT, CONTROL)Catheter Colonization*** Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection***
Maki 48 : 441 ICU patients (2% aqueous CHG solution in 214, PI in 227)214, 2275.3, 5.3SQ (>15 CFU)CX, NoSource, Sx
Sheehan 49 : 189 ICU patients (2% aqueous CHG solution in 94, PI in 95)169,177NASQ (>15 CFU)CX, NoSource, Sx
Meffre 50 : 1117 hospital patients (CHG solution of 0.5% alcohol 70% in 568, PI in 549)568, 5491.6, 1.6SQ (>15 CFU) or QN (>103 CFU/mL)[Local or Sx] or [CX, NoSource]
Mimoz 51 : ICU patients (Biseptine®§ vs. PI)170, 1454.5, 3.9QN (>103 XFU/mL)CX, Sx
Cobett and LeBlanc 52 : 244 hospital patients (0.5% alcohol 70% in 8, PI in 161)83, 1611.6, 1.7SQ (>15 CFU)¶ NA
Humar et al 53 : 3374 ICU patients (0.5% alcohol in 193 and 181/193193, 1815.3, 6.SQ (>15 CFU)CX, Molec, NoSource

*CFU indicates colony forming units; CX, same organism or species matched between blood and catheter segment culture; ICU: intensive care units; Local: local signs of infection; Molec: same organism confirmed by molecular subtyping; NA:not available; NoSource: no other source of infection; QN: quantitative; Sx: clinical symptoms of bloodstream infection; SQ: semiquantitative.

**All studies used 10% povidone-iodine solution.

***Catheter segments (or site) cultured and criteria for a positive culture are given in parenthesis.

§Biseptine®consists of 0.25% chlorhexidine gluconate, 0.025% benzalkonium chloride, 4% benzyl alcohol.

¶Required one of the following symptoms: fever, erythema, heat at the site, and pain.

From: 16, Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Associated Infection

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