Figure 16-52. The myosin II bipolar thick filament.

Figure 16-52The myosin II bipolar thick filament

(A) Electron micrograph of a myosin II thick filament isolated from frog muscle. Note the central bare zone, which is free of head domains. (B) Schematic diagram, not drawn to scale. The myosin II molecules aggregate by means of their tail regions, with their heads projecting to the outside of the filament. The bare zone in the center of the filament consists entirely of myosin II tails. (C) A small section of a myosin II filament as reconstructed from electron micrographs. An individual myosin molecule is highlighted in green. (A, courtesy of Murray Stewart; C, based on R.A. Crowther, R. Padron and R. Craig, J. Mol. Biol. 184:429–439, 1985. © Academic Press.)

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