Table 7.7

Prognostic factors in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

Worse prognosis is associated with:
  • Symptomatic causes
  • Pre-existent West syndrome
  • Early onset
  • Frequent and intractable seizures
  • Repeated episodes of status epilepticus
  • Constantly slow EEG background
  • Localised and mainly multifocal EEG abnormalities
A better prognosis may be indicated for patients who have:
  • Normal development prior to the onset of seizures
  • Faster than slower generalized spike-wave activity
  • Normal brain imaging
  • Normal background EEG
  • Activation of generalized spike-wave by hyperventilation

From: Chapter 7, Epileptic Encephalopathies in Infancy and Early Childhood in Which the Epileptiform Abnormalities May Contribute to Progressive Dysfunction

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