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Figure 12.2. Ictal EEG of 2 patients with hippocampal epilepsy.

Figure 12.2

Ictal EEG of 2 patients with hippocampal epilepsy.

Top and middle: This was the first EEG of a boy aged 6 referred for episodes of panic attacks and a recent GTCS. The resting EEG was entirely normal but one of his seizures was recorded from onset (0 min:0 s) and lasted for 2 min and 26 s. The child looked disturbed, complaining, “I have my panic”. He was able to communicate well during the whole seizure. Speech and cognition were normal. Brain MRI documented right hippocampal sclerosis.

Bottom: Sample of video EEG during a brief seizure of a man aged 40 years with increasing numbers of complex focal seizures typical of hippocampal epilepsy. MRI documented left hippocampal sclerosis. Note that towards the end of the attack the patient had mild clonic convulsions though he never had GTCS. Also note that he immediately spits after the cessation of the seizure.

From: Chapter 12, Symptomatic and Probably Symptomatic Focal Epilepsies

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