Effects of Oxygen Saturation of the Assay Buffer on the Kinetics of [3H]5-HT Uptake

SERT+/+ Mice
No O2O2No O2O2
Brain Stem0.54±0.010.99±0.07a0.072±0.0050.056±0.005
Frontal Cortex0.74±0.040.95±0.03a0.043±0.0030.057±0.006

Maximal uptake rates (Vmax) are expressed in pmol/mg protein-min ± SEM. Affinity constants (Km) are expressed in μM ± SEM. These values were determined by a nonlinear curve fitting to a one-site hyperbolic function. For each experiment, n = 3 mice. Each concentration of [3H]5-HT was evaluated in triplicate in three separate experiments. (From Perez, X. A., Bianco, L. E., and Andrews, A. M., J. Neurosci. Methods, 2006. With permission.)


p<0.01, absence versus presence of O2.

From: Chapter 7, Determining Serotonin and Dopamine Uptake Rates in Synaptosomes Using High-Speed Chronoamperometry

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