Table 5.13GBD Estimates of Leading Causes of Death in AFR E at Age 15 to 59 Years: Comparison between Males and Females, 2000

Cause of death in males (1,308,048)Total deaths (%)Cause of death in females (1,228,010)Total deaths (%)
1 HIV/AIDS50.31 HIV/AIDS58.1
2 Tuberculosis7.42 Lower respiratory infections3.8
3 War4.83 Tuberculosis3.2
4 Violence4.24 Maternal hemorrhage2.6
5 Road traffic accidents2.85 Cerebrovascular disease2.0
6 Lower respiratory infections2.76 Maternal sepsis1.9
7 Ischemic heart disease1.87 Abortion1.4
8 Cerebrovascular disease1.78 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy1.4
9 Malaria1.19 Malaria1.4
10 Syphilis1.010 Ischemic heart disease1.2

Source: Authors.

From: Chapter 5, Causes of Death

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