Table 5.10GBD Estimates of Leading Causes of Death in AFR D and AFR E, 2000

Cause of death in AFR D persons (4,634,295)Total deaths (%)Cause of death in AFR E persons (6,143,749)aTotal deaths (%)
1 Malaria11.61 HIV/AIDS28.4
2 Lower respiratory infections11.32 Malaria8.9
3 HIV/AIDS9.83 Lower respiratory infections8.6
4 Diarrheal diseases7.44 Diarrheal diseases5.8
5 Perinatal conditions6.15 Perinatal conditions4.4
6 Measles5.66 Cerebrovascular disease3.1
7 Cerebrovascular disease3.77 Tuberculosis3.0
8 Ischemic heart disease3.58 Measles2.9
9 Tuberculosis2.69 Ischemic heart disease2.8
10 Pertussis2.210 Road traffic accidents1.6
11 Road traffic accidents2.111 Violence1.3
12 Tetanus1.412 War1.2
13 Violence1.213 Pertussis1.2
14 COPD1.114 COPD1.1
15 Malnutrition1.015 Nephritis and nephrosis0.8
16 Nephritis and nephrosis1.016 Malnutrition0.8
17 Syphilis0.917 Syphilis0.8
18 Drownings0.818 Tetanus0.7
19 Diabetes mellitus0.819 Diabetes mellitus0.7
20 Hypertensive heart disease0.620 Congenital anomalies0.6
21 All other specific causes25.321 All other specific causes21.3

Source: Authors.

Note: COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

a. AFR E subregion includes countries with high HIV prevalence.

From: Chapter 5, Causes of Death

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