TABLE 5-3Income, Expenses, and Source of Support as Percentage of Income, by Type of Accredited Provider of Continuing Medical Education, 2007

Organization Type (No. of Organizations)Total IncomeExpenses as % of Total IncomeTotal Commercial Support (% of Total Income)Advertising and Exhibits Income (% of Total Income)
Nonprofit (physician membership organization) (270)$887,18168$215,388 (24)$217,907 (25)
Publishing/Education Company [MECC](150)830,81174594,420 (71)10,831 (1)
School of medicine (123)427,66888245,790 (57)23,203 (5)
Hospital/health care delivery system (93)105,0149547,498 (45)7,407 (7)
Nonprofit (other) (38)160,3977978,412 (49)11,852 (7)
Not classified (33)55,1887929,263 (53)2,423 (4)
Government or military (15)69,452100255 (0)376 (0)
Insurance company/managed care company (14)3,489193318 (9)35 (1)

NOTE: Monetary data for 2007 are in 1,000s of dollars. Data for a third category of income (other) are not shown here. As categorized by ACCME, other income represents income other than commercial support and advertising and exhibit income. Data for providers accredited by state medical societies are not included, but ACCME survey data show that commercial sources accounted for about 25 percent of their income.

SOURCE: ACCME, 2008a (Table 7).

From: 5, Conflicts of Interest in Medical Education

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Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice.
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