BOX 7-4Policies of American College of Chest Physicians on Industry Funding of Guideline Development

  • Fund development activities are undertaken by the organization’s executive office without the involvement or knowledge by the organizational unit responsible for guideline development, and each guideline ideally is either self-funded or funded by at least three to five outside sources.
  • Names of sponsoring companies are not revealed to staff, society members, and other participants in guideline development until the information is disclosed in the final publication.
  • Sponsors do not nominate topics, participate in meetings, or review drafts. They see the guideline only upon publication.
  • The organization does not inform sponsors of the participants involved in developing a guideline, the specific questions investigated, the methodologists or evidence-based practice center involved in the evidence review, the reviewers, or meeting times or places.
  • Guidelines refer to pharmaceuticals only by their generic names and not by their brand names.

SOURCE: Baumann et al., 2007; Lever and Lewis, 2008.

From: 7, Conflicts of Interest and Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines

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