Table 18.5Mean Lipid Levels and Prevalence of Dyslipidemia in Black Subjects

Location (age in years)nTotal cholesterol mmol/LHDL-C mmol/LTriglycerides mmol/LTotal cholesterol5.2 mmol/L (%)Triglycerides1.7 mmol/L (%)
 Rural males933.41.04.4
 Rural females914.41.022.5
 Nomadic males415.11.148.6
 Nomadic females615.31.353.7
 Urban males814.71.229.5
 Urban females795.31.350.0
 Kilimanjaro (rural)
  Males (55+)41326.912.6
  Females (55+)47835.511.5
  Males (55+)1986.68.1
  Females (55+)1336.112.2
  Males (55+)7912.76.3
  Females (55+)749.512.1
Gambia, The (normotensive)
 Urban males1,0284.10.6812.54.0
 Urban females1,1384.60.6829.10.6
 Rural males1,2003.60.812.34.3
 Rural females2,0233.90.768.32.1
Gambia, The (hypertensive)
 Urban males774.91.1324.54.1
 Urban females855.00.7939.14.7
 Rural males914.
 Rural females1274.40.8313.72.9
South Africa
 Cape Town (periurban)9864.
 Free State QwaQwa (rural)8534.81.21.532.7
 Mangaung (periurban)7585.

Note: — = data not published; HDL-C = high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; mmol/L = millimole/liter.

From: Chapter 18, Lifestyle and Related Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases

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