Table 13.1The Contribution of Sub-Saharan Africa to the Global TB Epidemic

Estimated New Cases of TBHIV-related TBDeaths
Population (millions)New cases of TB (thousands)Incidence rate (per 100,000 per year)Increase in incidence rate 2003–2004 (% per year)HIV prevalence in new adult cases (%)No. of adult TB cases attributable to HIV (thousands)Adult TB cases attributable of HIV (%)Deaths from TB (thousands)Deaths from TB (per 100,000)Deaths from TB in HIV- infected adults (thousands)TB deaths attributable to HIV (%)HIV/AIDS deaths attributable to TB, 2003 (%)
WHO African Region7222,57335633360028587812063211
Rest of the world5,6656,345112−1314131,106204348

Source: WHO estimates for 2004, updated from Corbett et al. 2003.

From: Chapter 13, Tuberculosis

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